Getting to carbon neutral cruising by 2050: CLIA briefing

In March, CLIA organised a briefing event in Brussels for stakeholders and EU lawmakers, entitled “Getting to carbon neutral cruising by 2050”. The event provided an opportunity to discuss the potential pathways for decarbonization and how the European regulatory framework can best support this transition.
It was an important opportunity for CLIA partners to meet in person with European Commission officials and Members of the European Parliament. The event was introduced by Martyn Griffiths, CLIA’s Public Affairs Director in Brussels. Bud Darr, Executive Vice President, Maritime Policy and Government Affairs MSC Group, delivered the CLIA presentation in his capacity as Chair of CLIA’s Government Affairs Committee in Europe. Christophe Tytgat, Secretary General of SeaEurope emphasised the importance of collaboration and updated attendees on the role of shipyards and equipment manufacturers in driving innovation. Daniel Mes, member of the Cabinet of Commissioner Timmermans, who oversees the European Green Deal portfolio, shared the Commission’s interest in developments.
An active debate followed the presentations on the feasibility of various existing or potential pathways. CLIA shared a message of what the industry is doing to decarbonize, including investing in new fuels and shore-side electricity, paving the way with transitional lower carbon fuels and exploring hybrid solutions, to reiterate just some of the numerous actions being taken.
The event constituted a timely occasion for the participants to gain further insights into the legislators’ viewpoints and for the legislators to gain a clearer picture of the industry’s progress towards achieving carbon neutrality.