Contributing to the sustainable development of the destinations we visit is of paramount importance to the cruise industry. Our collaborative approach with city leaders and port authorities has been considered a model for responsible tourism.

Dubrovnik: a model for sustainable tourism

CLIA’s partnership with Dubrovnik, Croatia, has shown how city authorities, communities and the tourism sector can achieve a common vision for responsible tourism. While most visitors travel to Dubrovnik by air, CLIA wanted to play a leadership role to help the city manage visitor flows. The Memorandum of Understanding between CLIA and Dubrovnik has helped to maximise economic and cultural benefits through tourism management. Building on this partnership, we funded a Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) destination assessment for Dubrovnik. 

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“I believe this report will be a new beginning of the story of a sustainable Dubrovnik”

Mato Franković, Mayor of Dubrovnik

Porto Declaration: Tourism and the Future of Cities

CLIA is one of the participants in the United Nations World Tourism Organization’s Porto Declaration on Tourism and the Future of Cities. The Declaration recognises the critical need for urban destinations to rethink and reshape tourism under the principles of inclusiveness, resiliency, and sustainability in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the United Nations New Urban Agenda. Find out more about the Porto Declaration, adopted in July 2021 at the UNWTO Mayor’s Forum for Sustainable Urban Tourism.

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A roadmap for sustainable tourism with Corfu and Heraklion

Following on from our collaboration with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) in Dubrovnik, CLIA is supporting GSTC destination assessments for the cities and ports of Corfu and Heraklion. The assessments aim to help them understand how to balance the social and economic benefits of tourism for residents while safeguarding the long-term sustainability of these popular Greek destinations.

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CLIA In conversation with GSTC CEO, Randy Durband

Randy Durband, CEO GSTC, explains more about the role of destination assessments and how it helped the city of Dubrovnik to plan for a sustainable future.

Sustainable development of coastal and maritime tourism

CLIA is supporting the UNWTO research and monitoring centre on sustainability and coastal maritime tourism in the Mediterranean, announced in June 2021. A collaboration between the UNWTO and the Greek Ministry of Tourism, the new research station will measure the sustainable development of coastal and maritime tourism across the Mediterranean. Based at the University of the Aegean in Athens, the research centre will capture and collate measurement data and analysis relating to the environmental, economic, and social impact of tourism.