Cruise Lines International Association and SEA Europe Joint Declaration calling for maritime technology to be included in the “Green Deal Industrial Plan.”

Paris, 9 March 2023

Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) and SEA Europe welcome the European Commission’s Communication on a “Green Deal Industrial Plan for the Net-Zero Age” and its purpose of supporting industries, such as the maritime sector, that help to advance the European Green Deal aims through innovation.

With the Green Deal and related Net Zero Industry Act, Europe has a unique opportunity not only to maintain its position as a global leader in complex shipbuilding, including cruise ship building and advanced maritime equipment manufacturing, but also to regain some market segments that are strategic for Europe’s autonomy.

For this opportunity to be realized, CLIA and SEA Europe jointly call on the EU Institutions and European member state governments to recognize the importance of maintaining the maritime industry’s capabilities and excellence in Europe and to develop a sectoral maritime industrial strategy with support mechanisms to uphold one of Europe’s key industrial successes.

CLIA and SEA Europe call on the EU Institutions and European member state governments to take immediate action in the following areas:

  1. Faster access to funding for sustainable ship building and maritime equipment manufacturing to preserve Europe’s world leading position currently held by this sector.
    • Sustainable Finance criteria and parameters to be technology neutral, goal-based, and focused on Europe’s green innovation capability.
    • The maritime sector must be included in the Temporary Crisis and Transition Framework (TCTF) and in EU Funds, in particular to receive benefit from the Innovation Fund for projects with EU added value.
  2. Expand support and incentives for retrofit programmes and deployment of renewable energy for the maritime sector.
    • CLIA and SEA Europe support the proper inclusion of the cruise maritime sector and maritime technology industry in the Net-Zero Industry Act and full consideration of the sector in the European and national schemes for renewable energy deployment mechanisms.
    • Specific targets for production of renewable marine fuels need to be adopted at EU and national level to accelerate investment and deployment. National renewable energy plans need to fully include the needs for infrastructure and deployment of renewable fuels at EU ports.
    • CLIA and SEA Europe support the co-Programmed Partnership on Zero-Emission Waterborne Transport to accelerate research and development of innovative solutions for zero-emission waterborne transport, including zero-emission cruise ships.
  3. Ensure that the Pact for Skills has a dedicated programme for the maritime sector putting its workforce at the forefront of education so that digital, green, and technical skills stay in Europe.
    • The European Commission’s recently launched Pact for Skills is a shared engagement model for skills development in Europe.  It is an important step that brings together all relevant private and public stakeholders to support a fair and resilient recovery and delivers on the ambitions of the green and digital transitions, the EU Industrial Strategy as well as the provision of training and skills for these transitions.
    • CLIA and SEA Europe call upon the EU to build a dedicated maritime programme to enable the industry to employ and support a highly trained and skilled workforce, both on land and at sea.
  4. Put the maritime sector at the heart of the EU digital strategy allowing the most advanced maritime sector to lead the way in energy and process efficiencies.
    • CLIA and SEA Europe urge the EU institutions and Member States to support the maritime technology industry through a co-programmed partnership that will allow Europe to lead the way in technology development and to maintain its shipbuilding excellence for the benefit of future generations

Ahead of publication of the Net Zero Act on 14 March 2023, CLIA and SEA Europe call on the European Institutions and Member State governments at this crucial moment to support the cruise ship building and advanced maritime equipment manufacturing industries allowing them to accelerate and meet their ambitious environmental objectives.

The Net-Zero Industry Act is an important step forward for the Green transition of our economy, but the EU has yet to recognize the strategic role of the maritime technology sector in Europe’s industrial strategy. The EU must ensure that the right regulatory framework is in place to maintain its strategic strength in complex shipbuilding and maritime technologies. That is why we are calling on the EU to ensure that include the maritime industry in the Net Zero Act.

Marie-Caroline Laurent, CLIA Director General