Funchal partners with CLIA

On 15 December we welcomed the Municipality of Funchal, as CLIA’s newest destination partner. Cruise tourism plays an important economic role in Madeira with 25% of tourists arriving by cruise ship.

In a statement, Pedro Calado, Mayor of Funchal, said: “I am incredibly pleased that we are CLIA’s first partner in Portugal, and recognise that this relationship will benefit the city and allow us to be represented at key cruise industry meetings. It also gives us the opportunity to promote the city as a cruise tourism destination, and work with the cruise companies to better understand their operational needs.

“The Port of Funchal is key to the city, and cruise tourism has an important impact on the economy, contributing to its growth, and in several other strategic areas.“

“I am incredibly pleased that we are the first CLIA partner in Portugal and recognise that this partnership will benefit the city.”

Pedro Calado, Mayor of Funchal

Nikos Mertzanidis from CLIA said: “I am delighted to be able to welcome the Municipality of Funchal to the CLIA partner community.

“Madeira is an extremely attractive cruise destination located at the crossroads of Europe, the Americas and Africa, with a rich heritage, climate, and stunning landscapes. Funchal leadership recognises that cruise tourism generates significant local economic benefit, and we believe in working in partnership with city authorities so that destination communities continue to thrive from responsible tourism.

“We look forward to collaborating with Funchal city leadership as a valued partner.”