Global Mercy hospital ship unveiled to public

Global Mercy hospital ship gets ready to serve in Africa.

Mercy Ships has unveiled its new ship, Global Mercy, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The largest civilian hospital in the world, she is getting ready to start service in Africa. 

Since 1978, Mercy Ships has performed more than 105,500 surgeries and provided specialised mentoring and training opportunities for more than 49,000 professionals. More than 40% of the world’s population lives within 100 miles of the coast; Mercy Ships deliver state-of-the-art hospitals to port cities, providing life-transforming surgery and medical care for thousands of people without access to the care that Mercy Ships can provide. 

After a decade of planning, construction, and collaboration from donors and partners around the globe, the Global Mercy is the first purpose-built hospital ship to be constructed from scratch.

The hospital and training centre will host volunteer professionals and crew with capacity for 950 people to work on board and in port. With Global Mercy, Mercy Ships will now become a two-ship fleet, continuing to serve in Africa, and able to do more in each area of speciality, as well training for local professionals. 

CLIA is proud to support Mercy Ships as our charity of choice, it continues to deliver its life-transforming legacy to those in need.

“With its international crew of volunteers, CLIA is proud to support Mercy Ships, bringing hope and healing to those in need in Africa.”

Kelly Craighead, President & CEO, CLIA