Port of Hamburg

Working in partnership towards creating a carbon neutral Port of Hamburg

On 9 November, CLIA met with politicians and port and cruise industry officials to discuss the goal of the achieving carbon neutrality at the Port of Hamburg – Germany’s busiest port – while retaining its value and popularity with cruise lines. 
Leaders from AIDA Cruises, MSC Cruises Germany and TUI Cruises, as well as members of the Hamburg Parliament toured the shoreside power facility, which enables ships to connect to electricity in port, therefore extinguishing their engines and reducing overall emissions. Following the event, which was organised by CLIA and Hamburg Cruise Net, all parties agreed to continue the dialogue on innovation strategies and sustainability initiatives.

Image: Uwe Radke of Hamburg Port Authority holding one of four plugs (25kg each) needed to connect shore power to ships.

Hansjörg Kunze (Vice President Communication & Sustainability AIDA Cruises), Christian Hein (Managing Director MSC Cruises Germany) and Wybcke Meier (Managing Director TUI Cruises) agreed:
“All companies have been working at full speed with shipyards and suppliers for some time now to make alternative energy sources ready for use. The industry is very aware that cruises can and must make a contribution towards more sustainable travel.”
Dr Stefan Behn, Chair of Hamburg Cruise Net e.V said, “Cruising is driving innovation across shipping, and Hamburg is a best-practice example of a busy city port, while consistently equipping terminals with shore power.”

“Not only was a cruise ship the first ocean-going vessel powered by LNG fuel, but we will also soon see the first fuel cell in use. Cruising is also ahead in terms of shore power capability, but is important to continue the development of sustainable cruising in partnership with ports and politicians.”

Helge Grammerstorf, CLIA National Director, Germany.